10 Juicy Website Designs

A Juicy Satsuma

A website can be many things, e-commerce, brochure, directory, community based, but to be a success the design needs to be a-peel-ing (appealing!).

Appealing like a Satsuma, juicy, enriching, attractive, useable. Peel away that soft outer skin and you have handy little chunks of goodness. Very similar to the way a beautiful and well thought out design leads to easy access to great content.

On the other hand there's the Ugly fruits of this world, unattractive names for a start and then there's the look of them! What a shame as there's some nice stuff inside.

If you've got some great original content why hide it behind an ugly, hard-to-use layout?!

Here's just 10 sites I think are juicy Satsumas:


Apple website

Like everything they do the design and usability are at the heart of the products. Quite image heavy but when you have a brand like Apple the imagery speaks for itself.


Rasteroid website

A beautiful header background with a simple layout. Good top Navigation bar and functional footer. They are designers after all! Hmmmmmm


ISO50 website

A great portfolio site. Flash based so maybe not an SEO's favourite but perfect for displaying Scott Hansen's work. Quite intuitive and easy to follow and gets across Scott's style really well.

Future of Online Advertising

Future of Online Advertising website

A nice colour scheme with the menu bar at the top of the content for easy access. Then straight in to a neat section with quick links to other parts of the site. Nicely presented and easy on the eye.


mezzoblue website

Nice pastel shades sit well with both imagery and text to give a calm feel. Plenty of white space with good navigation.


Billshare website

Plenty of white space here. Clear page structure and illustration getting right to the hub of the site. Good use of icons in a clean footer that takes no second guessing.

Green Street Development

Green Street Development website

A site with plenty of content on the homepage but nicely laid out. If you had to have a frontpage with a lot of text then this would be a good example of how to lay it out without making you vomit from overkill.


Zend website

A well structured site with again good navigation. Superb graphics enhance the experience. Good use of white space, an enticing feel with enough content to draw you in wanting to know more.

Imagination at Work

Imagination at Work website

White space, clear navigation, good imagery, graphics and nice page layout, what more can I say.


fullyillustrated website

The site displays Michael Heald's work superbly. The illustrations jump off the page with vibrant colour with plenty of space to let them breathe. Simple navigation with a simple layout, smart.

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Dave Wood's picture

Very nice designs

There are some wonderful designs here. Certainly some inspiration to be had here!

My favourites have got to be Mezzoblue and Fully Illustrated.

Richard Dewick's picture

Fully loaded

Hi Dave

The fullyillustrated site packs a punch doesn't it. When you have the combination of nice design with stunning graphics it's a sure fire winner. Like the new site BTW :)

jason's picture

Great List

This is a great list... all sites are very juicy!

Gab Goldenberg's picture

Looks to me like GE's not

Looks to me like GE's not much for conversion, unless they count pageviews of their innovation page as a conversion. Sure there's products and services, but the main aspect of the homepage is innovation. Compare with dreamhost.com, for instance. Less juicy, but more profitable for sure.

Richard Dewick's picture

Dreamhost doesn't inspire me

Hi Gab

Dreamhost doesn't inspire me to purchase I'm afraid. It's quick sell style with green text doesn't make me want to find out more about the product. Maybe it's a little bit of my nationality coming across where I don't like to be sold at, very much like Mel Carson's point within this post http://searchengineland.com/080207-082501.php

I take your point though Gab, you can't beat actually converting users into buyers/clients.

Brandon's picture

Very Nice Designs

Some of those are amazing designs that really catch my eye, while others are so-so. I like Mezzoblue and Billshare as favorites. I really don't care for the color scheme in ISO50 and Green Development. Of course, everyone has individual tastes so what doesn't appeal to me may be the cat's meow for someone else. Speaking as someone who is still learning web design, I can only hope to one day design something that is half as good as any of the designs listed above.

Elle's picture


Greenstreet looks juiciest to me and although I like the look of the ISO50 site as you say it's an SEO'ers nightmare to try and do anything ranking wise with the site.


matt's picture

You know, these are all

You know, these are all great websites!, but you know what, one of the best, cleanest websites I can think of is Google;s. It is clean, clear of clutter, and for the most part, you can only do one thing...search...


Richard Dewick's picture

Google Usability

You're right Matt, Google is a great site, clean and simple. The problem with most sites is striking the balance between good usability and SEO, we all want clean looking sites but we all want to be found. That's where your developer comes in, you don't always have to stuff the page with content to rank well in the search engines.

Tom's picture

Not all light pastel colors

With so many sites going to light pastel colors and lots of whitespace its nice to see fullyillustrated.com bucking the trend and making it into the top 10.