2009 Brings A Fresh New Look

New Web Design

After having a great end to last year we felt now was the time to give the Makak Media website a complete makeover.

Results from our Blog Survey also backed up our thoughts and resulted in a brand new logo, strapline and web design.

We liked our old site design, which was extremely distinctive, but that was the main bug bear with some of you that answered our survey. The white on black was a little hard to read so this new look should please those people the most.

Speed & Layout

The speed of our old design was a major factor in its' design but the new one shouldn't cause problems in that department either. The layout for the new look was a major factor even though people liked our old design. A minimalist, clean layout was a must.

Having a two column theme makes for extra room to display more content above the fold to save on scrolling time, I know how impatient you can be!

sIFR Font Replacement

One element we've deployed on other sites but not our own until now is Mike Davidson's sIFR font replacement using Flash, CSS and javascript. A great piece of work we'll be describing in greater detail for anyone who runs a website and in particular a Drupal CMS.

Clean Lines

I love minimalist designs and so do most of you judging by the responses to the question of other blog designs you like. Here are the blogs you suggested for great design:

More results from our survey to follow shortly but in the mean time thank you to those who took part and enjoy our new design. Your feedback is always appreciated so comment away!


Sonny Gill's picture


What a great redesign, Richard! Sleek, clean and easily navigable. Well done, friend!

Richard Dewick's picture

Glad you like it

Thanks Sonny, glad you like the new look to the site. When people like yourself started using clean and sleek new designs on their websites it got my imagination working. It's not often you have time for your own work but I got there in the end!

Divya's picture

Love it!


Love the new SIFR fonts and the website in general! Very clean and happy-looking!

Richard Dewick's picture

sIFR Fonts

Cheers Divya, the sIFR fonts really make a difference and something I've been looking to implement on here for a while now. I'm glad the site gives off a happy vibe :)

Mobiles Giles's picture

White Spaces...

I thought large graphics would make a come back due to larger broadband speeds around the world, white spaces make me crazy ;)

Xav's picture


Nice work Richard. I've been looking forward to your re-design and you haven't let me down.

I especially like the feint background colour. Really lifts the important elements off the page.

Richard Dewick's picture

Clean Web Design

Hey Xav thanks, glad you like the new look. I feel I've improved quite a few elements including the background, fonts and colours which all go to make a clean design. Much like your own designs, do check them out people :)

Allan Zyapa's picture

We seldom go at that extent.

To be very true, we seldom go at that depth of design and other aspects. I am glad to see that how you care about everything about it. We are addicted to implement free themes and other galleries and then we start writing. I think writing is not the only aspect of blogging but blogging means something more.

Geri's picture

Hi, I love how there is a

Hi, I love how there is a shadow effect with the name, very hip! It is always refreshing to come across a page that is not cluttered and easy to read. Great job!

Richard Dewick's picture

Clutter free design

Thanks Geri. I try to make all my designs as clutter free as possible and I feel I achieved that pretty well with our new design :o)

I have been building my

I have been building my websites using Wordpress and only recently discovered Drupal. What I like about Drupal ... it is a cleaner system and has plenty of support and tutorials.

Most of the themes used with Drupal are minimalist and give it a clean fresh appeal.

Deniel 's picture

I think we should have some

I think we should have some changes each year because it is always good to have good changes and new look. I always try my best to redesign my sites.