5 Great Twitter Tools

5 Great Twitter Tools

Twitter is a powerful micro blogging platform but how do you find people interested in your niche market?

How do you find out what a particular hash tag represents?

How else can you get the most out of Twitter and maximise the time you put into social media?

I've gathered just 5 of a plethora of tools out there to help you answer those questions.

There are many more out there but here are 5 great tools I use regularly.

5 Great Twitter Tools

Twitter Search

Twitter search lets you search twitter!


Discover what's behind a particular hash tag, which are popular or the latest tags out there in the twitterverse.


Twellow is a Twitter Directory, a great way to find other people to follow on Twitter from your industry or who share the same interests as you.


Twopular is a trends on twitter aggregator, go discover what people are tweeting about.

Tweet Burner

Tweet Burner shortens URLs and tracks all click-throughs and is now supported in TweetDeck.

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Twitter is addiction at its peak.

Twitter is even more than an addiction for me and rest of world. I'm wondering how it is so popular and addictive? Thanks for sharing those tools because such tools always help us to find desired stuff.

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Twitter gives instant results

I think Robin that the addiction is down to a few factors but one of the main ones is that you see instant results. Whether asking a question or tweeting your latest blog post you get a response immediately, brilliant.

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Twitter Resource

I would add Tweetdeck to that list.

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Hi Chandeliers, odd name that! I've got nothing against them so I'll let you off ;)

Tweetdeck sure is a good tool, I was concentrating more on sites rather than apps but none the less it sure is a fine bit work.

Do come back soon under your real guise :)

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John's picture

Love Twitter

I used to be an avid Facebook fan and thought that trying out Twitter was some sort of blasphemy. However, after much persuasion from many friends I checked it out. I now haven't even touched Facebook for many months...no wonder Twitter is taking off so fast...it's great!

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i don't use twitter a lot ....but i know its power it is great tool .... when i put preview comment then it is showing this " Your submission has triggered the installed spam filter and will not be accepted." what is it"?

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Spam filter

You wouldn't be trying to spam my blog by chance Nick! That message appears for a variety of reasons but mainly for someone trying to put links in their comment!

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Twitter Tools, Tweet Suite, or TweetMeme plugins

I'm surprised there's no mention of Twitter Tools, Tweet Suite, or TweetMeme plugins. They are all very powerful tools that can be easily integrated with WordPress blogs to help spread the word when a new post is published.

Founder, NicheRichMarketing.com

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Twitter Tools

Hi Chad, I only picked 5 of my favourite tools as they are an endless supply of them out there. The ones you mention are pretty good though especially Tweetmeme, well worth a try if you haven't already.

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Twitter Novice

I just barely caught up with the common words for blogging, even now I am not sure I have them all how will I possibly manage the energy to learn the twitter terminology as well. I have a start now I guess but any guesses what the next completely new word will be?? When I first saw it I thought we were talking about birds, same with blog I thought someone had misspelled toilet!!! You know... bog perhaps we only have that in the Southern Hemisphere

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Great Post

Love the post. I am new to twitter so this helps me understand it a bit better.

Kirsty x