5 New Drupal Modules

New Drupal Modules

Here's the latest group of new modules I've selected for your viewing pleasure! I'm going to make this into a regular feature so do let me know if there's a module out there that deserves some attention.

Out of the 5 modules below the two that stand out for me are Views Supertable and Textualizer. Take a look at the demo linked below and you'll see what a cool module Views Supertable is. The Textualizer module also looks good and uses JQuery to create some neat text transitions and is supported by most modern browsers and IE!

Although a couple of the modules are still dev versions they are in active development so expect a full release soon.

Views Supertable

Views Supertable exposes Supertable jQuery plugin as a Views plugin.

It creates a table with quick, realtime freetext search filter above it.
See working demo of the plugin here.

Project page: Views Supertable
Drupal 7 only

Client-side adaptive image

The Client-side adaptive image module helps build responsive web designs with fluid images by providing an Image field formatter that allows you to select appropriate image styles for various client widths. With this module, you can ensure that for each Image field only the most appropriately sized image gets downloaded by the client.

You can serve light images to mobile users while still providing the best quality images to visitors equipped with large screens.

Some highlights:

  • Per-field configuration (for each view mode).
  • Relies on JavaScript but provides a clean fallback for clients lacking it.
  • No cookies required.
  • No external libraries required.
  • No extra server configuration needed.
  • Does not attempt to perform any client OS detection.
  • Reverse proxy cache friendly.

Project page: Client-side adaptive image
Drupal 7 only

Page manager existing pages

Page manager existing pages allows you to override/configure Drupal menu paths so you can create variants with Page manager, which is bundled in the CTools project.

Technically, this project defines one abstract task and one content type plugin, so menu items can be overridden and the original page callback can be called through the content type plugin. This project comes with one default existing page, which is 'node', the default Drupal frontpage.

Project page: Page manager existing pages
Drupal 7 only

Google Code Prettify

Simple and lightweight syntax highlighting of source code snippets using Google Code Prettify JavaScript library for Drupal.

You don't need to add additional markup to source code and neither to specify the language of source code snippets since prettify will guess. Code prettify module for Drupal is compatible with WYSIWYG editors and includes several themes to customize the colors and styles of source code snippets.

Project page: Google Code Prettify
Drupal 6 and 7

Textualizer - Awesome Text Transitions

Textualizer is a jQuery module which offers awesome text transitions.

The module accepts any number of sentences (or words) and can rotate them smartly and beautifully.

Once a sentence is about to rotate with the other one, the letters that will be re-used are kept and move to their new locations with several effects.

Textualizer currently has the following effects

  • fadeIn
  • slideLeft
  • slideTop
  • Random

Project page: Textualizer - Awesome Text Transitions
Drupal 7 only


Sergio Martín's picture

Thanks for the mention

Hello, I'm author of Google Code Prettify module for Drupal. Thanks for the mention :)

I hope to get official release soon, but current dev versions are production-ready.


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Can I use Drush to

Can I use Drush to automatically create a Drupal site and automatically configure and create pages, content types, views, modules, and modules configurations?