6 Great Reasons To Get Shot Of Internet Explorer 6

6 Great Reasons To Get Shot Of Internet Explorer 6

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) has taken a battering over the years from web developers due to it not supporting key web standards. The added work to get a website displaying correctly in IE6 can prove a real headache and one of the main reasons why we want it banished.

In recent weeks Google has criticised its' lack of security and blamed the loophole that allowed China based hackers to attack them squarely at the foot of IE6. Subsequent to this even the German and French governments have requested their citizens should switch from using the browser.

As of the first of this month Google started phasing out support for IE6 as stated in their modern browsers for modern applications blog post.

6 Great Reasons To Get Shot Of Internet Explorer 6

  1. YouTube to kill IE6 support on March 13
  2. It's easier to hack especially if not patched
  3. Firefox and Google Chrome have tons of plugins and extensions to help you work or play more efficiently
  4. Browse the net faster - even IE8 is slow
  5. If you're a business your employees will thank you for it!
  6. You'll help the environment by saving developers time in adding supplemental code to support it, meaning they can turn their machines off instead of fixing bugs well into the night!

Here's a nice looking site with an obituary to IE6 or you can say your own goodbye here.

What are you waiting for, switch to a modern browser and enjoy a richer browsing experience!


Martin R.'s picture

I think it is embarrassing

I think it is embarrassing that really much people still use the Internet Explorer 6. With this version you are nearly not able to do anything because most websites uses special applications like flash or java. I like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome because this browsers are really fast.

vipin's picture

Yaa i agree that it looks so

Yaa i agree that it looks so cheap to some techsavvies that how some people still use IE6, but that's not their problem, actually majority of users yet also surf the web for limited purpose no matter what browser they use and also they are not engineers like us to be aware of such loopholes and inturn they often ignore to update the browser.

Peter's picture

Sometimes it's not their fault

I've seen a lot of blog posts hating on IE6 over the last couple of years and while I would love to see the back of this infernal browser, we should also accept that it's beyond the control of many users. So many companies are still running XP and the IT departments are too lazy or disinclined to upgrade the browser - can you imagine upgrading over 500 systems? (A job for the summer intern maybe!).

Also, as Vipin pointed out above, I'm sure my Grandmother would have absolutely no idea how to upgrade her browser, she probably doesn't know that the blue 'e' icon on her desktop opens an application called a browser.