6 New Drupal Modules To Check Out

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I've selected 6 new Drupal modules below that caught my eye when scanning the modules list.

From those picked out I'd have to give special mention to two modules, CSS Live and Webform A/B Testing.

For web designers and themers CSS Live lookers particularly useful allowing you to not just edit the CSS but save it at the same time. So no need to go back and forth between Firebug and your CSS files saving time.

The second module which looks really attractive is Webform A/B Testing which allows you to spilt test forms and determine winning conditions. When those winning conditions have been met the winning form is then shown to future visitors to that form.

Over to my pick of new Drupal modules.

Jquery Reel Formatter

The jQuery reel formatter allows you to use the Jquery reel plugin to output your images as a panorama or a 360° view of a place or object.

Most options available for the jQuery plugin can be set from the Field settings form found on the Manage display page for your content type.

Project page: Jquery Reel Formatter
Drupal 7 only

Dynamic Attached Views

This module allows users to choose between a set of predefined views. After saving the node, the view will be rendered as part of the node.

It is pretty similar to Views Attach, but the main difference is that with Views Attach, the view is predefined, and with this module you can choose the view when creating a new node.

Project page: Dynamic Attached Views
Drupal 6 only

Allocated Seating

Allocated seating provides two field types - an allocated seating designer and a seating plan. These fields can be used for various purposes - eg the designer can be used on a node edit form to allow users to create a seating plan for an event whilst the plan can be used as part of a checkout workflow to allow customers to nominate which seat they wish to book.

Project page: Allocated Seating
Drupal 6 only

Pixel Perfect

PixelPerfect is a utility module designed to give Drupal themers the ability to quickly identify inconsistencies between their current theme implementation and the mockup they are working from. When enabled, a themer will be presented with a variety of hybrid displays that will overlay the mockup over the rendered output from the Drupal theme layer. Themers will then be able to quickly and accurately position the mockup overlays to their needs.

Project page: Pixel Perfect
Drupal 6 only

Live CSS

Edit CSS live within the page, and save the changes back to any css file if you have write access.

Project page: Live CSS
Drupal 6 & 7

Webform A/B Testing

The Webform A/B Test module allows admins to setup A/B tests containing several webforms to determine which is most effective. When a regular user visits the URL of the test, they will be shown one of the included webforms at random. The module tracks how many times each form is shown to users, and how many users complete the form - a conversion. The admin will also configure the winning conditions for the form: once some number of conversions are reached, or a certain percentage of hits result in conversions, a webform will be declared the winner of the test. From that point forward, all users who visit the URL of the test will be directed to that winning form.

Project page Webform A/B Testing
Drupal 6 only



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New sticky sidebar module

Thanks, more of these articles please!

With the sheer volume of new modules its hard to keep up with what's new and good.

Here's my latest offering for your next round up. Simple "sticky sidebar" functionality...


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Like the module Danny, think

Like the module Danny, think I'll be using that on my next site ;o)