9 Spring Web Designs

Spring web design

The advent of spring got me in the mood for some spring inspired web designs. The sun is out... was out and now gone back in again but at least the temperature has improved, just!

The blue skies and blossom led me to putting together this little list of stunning web designs that caught my eye.

The list contains Boompa and Getting Crazy, my favourites for their use of water colour paintings which really make them stand out form the crowd.

Hopefully it will give you some inspiration for future designs.

9 Spring Web Designs




Boompa website

Gardening with Children

Gardening with Children

Hummingbird Bakery

Hummingbird Bakery

Puma Talk

Puma Talk



Getting Crazy

Getting Crazy

Green Globe Ideas

Green Globe Ideas

Bonjour Mon Coussin

Bonjour Mon Coussin

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Image credit Mathias L.


Steve's picture

You have posted some very

You have posted some very nice designs. I like the puma one the most :)

Nora Reed's picture

Not all of these sites are

Not all of these sites are spring related content, but the colors certainly are. Spring time always brings about bright, pastel colors and they are great cause they usually put people in more pleasant moods. Who doesn't love spring? Great post. If you have time, check out my posts and our logo contest at logo blog!!!

Kikolani's picture

Great designs!

I wish ecoki was a theme for Wordpress... that is my favorite!

~ Kristi

Richard Dewick's picture

Design Inspiration

Cheers @Steve, hi @nora the pastel colours are mood setting especially combined with the water colour paintings. I'll check out your logos now ;o)

@Kristi The ecoki design certainly is good isn't it, clean layout with a nice balance of text and imagery plus great usability. Hopefully they might read this and take up your idea!

Ecoki's picture

Hello! And thank you!

Hi guys and gals!

Thank you for the kind words on Ecoki.com!

We actually are working on a simplified version of the ecoki theme for wordpress :)

Something that is easier for people to setup then our current site.

Thanks and love all the designs in this post :)

Richard Dewick's picture

Ecoki Wordpress theme

Great news for Ecoki.com fans who run Wordpress sites, thanks for dropping by and do come back to update us on your progress with the theme.

Johnmilton's picture

Really spring designs

Great list.
Certainly these are some of the spring designs but could have been much better if more of such designs would have been included.
Anyway the one's listed here are good and the one i liked the most is getting crazy.I would be back and would be hoping more such great designs would be added to this list.

Leo's picture

Birds are Twittering

There are a lot of really nice designs here. A website should be inspirational.

Chris's picture

I love the Hummingbird

I love the Hummingbird Bakery. That's a fresh and female design.
But the other sites are great too.

jacob's picture

Gardening with children is my personal favorite

My personal favorite is gardening with children. Wow all the 9 designs look so amazing.

eLearning's picture

Getting Crazy Is very impressive

I amazed by viewing the design of Getting Crazy page, Wonderful combination of animation and design. btw all the layout are attractive, thanks for sharing