Bia Brazil Fitness Wear For A Sexy Stylish Workout

Bia Brazil Fitness Wear

Bia Brazil and Margarita fitness wear are two of the top designer ladies gym wear specialists from Brazil. We have been lucky enough to work with one of an exclusive number of retailers in the UK, Daisy Fitness, to produce a website to show their range of stylish workout wear.

The fitness wear from both Bia Brazil and Margarita are made form Supplex® by DuPont, the latest technical fabric to be used in workout wear. Daisy Fitness were eager to have an ecommerce website that displayed the quality and style of these designers, we hope you enjoy the result.

Using Drupal as a base CMS combined with Ubercart we designed and created a website that oozes the sexy cool of Bia Brazil and Margarita. Combine this with the payment gateway by SagePay (formerly Protx) and you have a winning combination. Its' one page checkout and simple layout provide an easy way for users to purchase and remember their details for a smoother quicker transaction in future.

Margarita Fitness Wear

We also used the paid for module Magic Zoom which in tandem with Image Attach provides a great method of zooming into the image to see greater detail. We like this module so much we're about to use it on another site currently under development.

Magic Zoom

Designer fitness wear from Brazil is the latest must have for those who want to work out and look good at the same time. Forget those tired old outfits you've had for years, take a look at Daisy Fitness range of breathable gym wear and look great whilst running on the treadmill, even if you are red faced and out of breath!


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Nice Site

Nice design Richard, very clear layout that is both attractive and intuitive to use.

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Clean design

Richard, the site is very clean, easy to navigate and URL's that reflect the product (good for seo). One of the hardest things that we find is actually writing about the product and one thing that I would like to see is a better description. I know this is probably the clients input rather than yours though! Also, these types of products really benefit from being added to the Google merchant centre as they are reasonably niche and that is a very simple way to generate sportswear hits and sales for the client!

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Google Merchant

A good product description can elevate it above the competition, which is something they need to work on to a degree and yes their products will be going into the Google merchant centre very soon, thanks for the nice comments :o)

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Daisy fitness

hey, the Daisy fitness site is real nice! I'm just starting out on blogging and have to admit, when I stumbled on you site here, I got real deep in exploring all the insights and comments you publish. thanks for the cool knowledge. I just learned alot. the world of fitness wear is my monster to tackle. Any advice?

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Hi Scott, thanks for the comment, do browse my blog further or head straight for the posts tagged marketing.