10 Great Summer Time Drupal Website Designs

10 Great Summer Time Drupal Website Designs

Summer time is now officially here, the sun is out (for the moment!) so what better time to get some inspiration for your Drupal web designs.

We all like a bit of splash of colour in our designs but it's not always easy to find that balance between colourful and break out the sunglasses time!

So hopefully I've pulled together 10 designs, all on Drupal based sites (read more on Drupal if you don't know your CMS from your HTC), that bring that dose of colour along with good design.

Echoing Green

Echoing Green Drupal Website


SmartGrid Drupal Website

Battle of Britain Replica Planes Fundraising Appeal


Commemorating those who fought and died in battle for our freedom is something close to my heart and so when I read this article in the local paper, Fundraising drive begins to replace rotting gate guardians, I thought I'd do my bit to help promote it.

The St George's RAF Chapel of Rememberance at Biggin Hill airport in Kent has two planes, one a Spitfire the other a Hurricane (saved from a film set), as gate guardians. These act as a memorial for those who flew from Biggin Hill and those pilots who died during the war.

Blogging Inspiration and Tips To Build Traffic From Tim Ferriss

Blogging Inspiration

If you ever needed inspiration to start a blog and tips to keep people returning to read it then the video below, titled How to Build a High-Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself by Tim Ferriss, is a great place to start.

Having viewed it the other day I felt I had to share with you, it was that good, I hope you get something from it even if you have an established blog.

There's background to where and why he started blogging, including an embarressing telephone call to a blogging idol!

If you're thinking about starting a blog or have doubts as to where to start then watch this presentation:

Moray McLaren’s We Got Time - Stunning Animation

Moray Mclaren video

What a stunning piece of work to create a fantastic video for Moray McLaren’s We Got Time. It’s pure creative genius, no camera trickery, everything was recorded as you see it!

I first saw the video on brainpickings but felt I had to share it with all my readers it was so good.

If this doesn't inspire you then I don't know what will!

David Wilson is the genius behind it, go check him out.

9 Spring Web Designs

Spring web design

The advent of spring got me in the mood for some spring inspired web designs. The sun is out... was out and now gone back in again but at least the temperature has improved, just!

The blue skies and blossom led me to putting together this little list of stunning web designs that caught my eye.

The list contains Boompa and Getting Crazy, my favourites for their use of water colour paintings which really make them stand out form the crowd.

Hopefully it will give you some inspiration for future designs.

How A Monkey Clears A Creative Block

Clear A Creative Block

Every now and again our mind goes into melt down, either we have too much going or on not enough, causing a creative block!

At this point I like to get away from the run of the mill websites or magazines and find something completely different.

FFFFound is just one place this monkey visits to find random imagery to give me some inspiration or spark to get my mind working.

The best way I've found lately to browse a number of sites is by using the great iPhone app iView which brings up imagery from your chosen website such as FFFFound.

I use it on a regular basis to clear that creative block and get the juices flowing again.

50 Years of Motown

Motown 50 years

Today marks 50 years of the iconic record label MOTOWN, bringing us such greats as Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and the list goes on.

My favourite music blog has a couple of classic clips of two Motown greats but I thought I would pick out some record sleeves that caught my eye stylistically.

Some great photography mixed in with nice typography means these album sleeves stand the test of time. You can't beat owning a bit of vinyl, shame I don't have a record player to play them on!

Stevie Wonder

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