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Busy times lead to a slow flow of blog articles but do not fear, I've got some corkers lined up in the next few weeks!

Results from my Blog Survey '08 are on the way, so if you haven't given me your feedback click through now!

We've also got a complete site redesign coming your way for 2009. You should always be reviewing and monitoring your brand and marketing strategy, which is why we're about to tweak our design to leap into the new year all fresh faced and bushy tailed.

Recently we started using MailChimp for our email marketing so they'll be a round up of its' pluses and minuses, so far it's chimptastic smile

Plus there's a great little article on what you can learn from Kung Fu Panda! Oh yes, design and Kung Fu Panda, what a combination smile

Coming sooner than you think!

P.S. Don't worry Drupalers, there's cool stuff for you too!

RSS Feeds of A Web Designer and Small Business Owner

RSS icon feed

RSS is such a great way to keep up-to-date with all the latest news from some of the top people in their fields of interests.

I've updated my feeds again in the past week and thought I'd share them with you. If you have a business and no doubt a website then you'll find lots of interesting links. The primary one on each line takes you to the blog itself and then I've also supplied a direct link to their RSS feed.

If I had to pick out just a couple of blogs that I really enjoy then Seth Godin, Get Elastic, Smashing Magazine and Chris Brogan are all unmissable.

Those people wondering what that orange square is all about should check out this post on what RSS is and how it can help you gain quicker and easier access to your favorite blogs.

Enjoy the list :)


Blog Survey '08

Having had this site design for the past year I'm about to redesign. Mainly to incorporate new features but also to make the site that little bit more easier to navigate and read.

As a designer I'm interested in getting a users point of view. This is your chance to praise or blaze my design and blog! Don't be shy, I won't hunt you down for criticising it, honest!

After I've received enough feedback I'll publish my findings for all to learn from. So what are you waiting for, complete this short survey and hit submit!

UK Miniature BlogFest: A Collection of Great Blog Posts

As you might have noticed I've not blogged for a while, which is great on the one hand, I've been way too busy. On the other it highlights that I haven't prepared any blog posts, not the done thing now is it!!

I like to be spontaneous and write when and how I see fit, which puts pressure on me to produce work there and then but that's the way I like, it keeps me on my toes.

So back to what this post is really about, my UK Miniature Blogfest of some recent content that caught my eye. It's no good reading these well written posts without sharing them with you, so here's a small collection of UK talent you shouldn't miss out on, happy reading:

China Design Ideas and Inspiration

China Design Ideas and Inspiration

The China Design Now exhibition at the V&A in London was about to close and I didn't want to miss it so last Saturday I went down there to take a look.

I wasn't disappointed as I walked around viewing some of the best work to come out of China in the last 20 years. Everything from photography, illustration, architecture, film, clothing and more were on view in a well laid out sequence of rooms. Some fantastic work was shown which will hopefully fire your mind!

For anyone that missed it or had no chance of visiting I have collected just a few snippets of inspiration to give you a flavour of what was on show, enjoy. If you'd like to share further design ideas and inspiration from China do leave a comment and link below.

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