Blogging For Business Basics

Blogging for business the basics

Starting a blog can be difficult, especially if you're still unsure exactly what a blog is or how to use it for your business!

I want to first allay any fears that you have to spend hours every day blogging or tweeting on Twitter (micro blogging) in order to make it worthwhile. This isn't the case, a good blog doesn't need to be updated daily but rather when you do blog, make a concerted effort, no one wants to read a hash of a post!

So let's get started and by the end of this post I guarantee you'll be wanting to start blogging for your business straight away!

Blogging for Business Basics

What is a blog?
A blog is an online journal which many use to share personal information but in this instance we're using it for business. You've probably read a blog without even realising it, whether it be a journalist on the BBC News website or clothing retailer, personal opinion or experience has the ability to grab interest.

What platform should I use?
There are many different platforms you can use from the cheap and easy Blogger, which is an independent site separate to your own, to the more professional Wordpress or Drupal, which should be installed side-by-side with your own website.

In an ideal world your blog should reside on your website giving you the utmost control over branding and SEO. Both Wordpress and Drupal are Open Source (free to download, use and customise) but you would most probably need to employ a developer to install this for you.

Whichever platform you choose a blog is only as good as its' writer.

Or looking at it another way put Stirling Moss behind the wheel of a Mini Cooper and he'd hurtle past me on a track even if I was driving a Ferrari!

What should I blog about?
Here's a list of things to get you started:

  • Promotions
  • Company News
  • Your perspective on industry news
  • Explaining technical issues in plain English!
  • Demonstrate a product using video

What are my blogging goals?
Before starting a blog you need to write down what you want to achieve and set yourself goals. This will make it easier in the long run to keep on track and not get discouraged or distracted.

Why is a blog good for my business?
Blogging for your business is a great way to build up a relationship with website visitors and define your business in the market place.

Does your business sit side-by-side in a directory, such as the Yellow Pages, with another that only sells a product, without your years of experience and knowledge behind the name? This is your chance to blog about your business and share your passion with those who find your website.

Your USP (Unique Selling Point) might be your understanding of the product built up over many years, not just someone who buys in bulk and sells cheap!

Search engines love blogs or websites that are frequently updated so if you are blogging once a week the search engines will be coming back more often to check out what's new. If you then optimise your blog posts you can rank higher for certain keywords and ultimately drive more traffic to your website, but that is a little too advanced for this post!

With more and more pages for the search engines to find you never know who might get in contact, a journalist, supplier or even a customer!

So are you now off to start blogging or make another cup of tea and read yesterdays news in today's paper!


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Blogging is the ideal way to dialogue with your customers

In this Internet age with the power that gives for instant communication, dialoguing with your customers is a number 1 priority. It always was and it is even more so now. If you are not talking to your customers, then your competitors may be the only ones in touch with them.

Using a blog to dialogue has the additional benefit as you say, Richard, that the search engines will highlight your communications. So others looking around for information may well find you in their search. That prospect contact bonus can often be much bigger than the benefits from dialoguing with your current customers.

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Customer Contact

Like you say Barry a blog is a great way for instant communication and interaction with customers to build relationships. If your competitors aren't already blogging then you can get one step ahead.

I hope this post goes towards inspiring people to start blogging for their business.

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Blogging For Business Basics

Something else to think about when you’re first starting your business- network and collaborate with people where you mutually need each other to fill positions. Not everyone has marketing/design/whatever skills. Forming partnerships where you can barter your skills is great especially in a time of economic downtown. You have to be creative when you are starting up because you can’t just go spending money like there’s no tomorrow. The internet has given us a wealth of resources, including people. Use it.