Choose Quality Over Quantity

Quality over quantity

Having read Ed Roach's post on How To Tell Your Brand Story it made me think about how creating a branded and professional document can have longer term advantages over a digital piece of marketing.

How many times have you received an email that tries hard to get you on side and sell the business but yet within seconds you've trashed it, never to be retrieved?!

In an age of NOW a digital piece of marketing, be it viral or direct to your inbox, can be popular one minute and forgotten the next.

The Value Of Quality Marketing

Receiving a brochure in the post that has been produced to a high standard can feel like you've received a present from somebody. As though that person has taken time and spent valuable money on you. A printed document in this way can have more of an impact and last longer in the memory.

A brochure or business card that is striking, whether that be visual or tactile can have a deeper more profound effect on the recipient. Naturally a possession is of greater worth but that is not the only advantage. All that that piece of marketing represents to you, the feel and look, transforms into what you feel about that company. Your services might not be required at that time but the likelihood is that your brochure will be kept as reference to your company and you'll get reward further down the line.

So next time you reach for your two thousandth leaflet you got cheaply from your local print shop, stop and think how this represents your company.


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Quality marketing

You bring a up a great point Richard. Marketing over the web involves a few sensory cues where a physical brochure can offer many. Because of the swift dismissal tendancy of the web, print stays around a bit longer. If opened, a brochure is handled, and thus an experience can be engineered into it. The feel of the paper in your hands creates a sensation unto itself. Scents can be used as well as Pop-ups and sample packs. The only sensory cues a digital presentation can offer other than sight, is sound and motion. And with fleeting attention spans they have been reduced to sound bites.

There is still alot to be said for traditional modes of marketing. Look at how many sites draw an audience through advertising in traditional media. They don't just come, as many would have you believe. It is the exception - not the rule. A few articles ago Richard also discussed creatives uses of a varnish. This can be a very powerful image if handled correctly.

By the way Richard, do you get many comments on the white text? Origianlly my blog had white text but many readers suggested I switch to black text on white, as it was difficult for them. Nice design here.


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Touch and Feel

Hi Ed, thanks for the great comment highlighting the extra sensory powers of a printed document. Ideally your marketing, brochure, website, direct mail, should work in unison utilising each areas advantages over the other. As much as a website is cost effective to market when combined with other forms of marketing you can gain a greater degree of brand awareness.

As you say Ed the feel of the paper together with scents can really work wonderfully to give the recipient a unique experience.

Re the white text on black, it can be a little more difficult to read but if large enough and with appropriate leading and para spacing you can still get a readable page, no comments so far :)

I do welcome feedback though, whether it be the design or article topics I appreciate all readers comments.