Drupal 8 To Kick Ass!

Drupal 8 To Kick Ass!

DrupalCon Denver has just been and gone with over 3000 attendees Drupal is really starting to open up to the masses. The founder of Drupal, Dries Buytaert gave his keynote speech and focused on how Drupal 8 is going to kick ass by winning the hearts and minds through innovation.

He highlighted one such company, Kodak, that didn't innovate and so got left behind in the advent of digital photography. With this in mind he sees Drupal as having the chance to make Drupal 8 an innovative project which will keep Drupal ahead of the competition.

Dries mentioned some Drupal strengths such as the big community aspect and how that translates to innovation. Along with a weakness which is that demand for skilled developers is currently outstripping supply but this was just one aspect the Drupal Association is looking to counter.

One huge opportunity for Drupal 8 is the mobile market and with the expected growth of mobile usage, to increase 25 times over the next 5 years, now is the time to really address this in Drupal.

One major element of Drupal 8 is the inclusion of some components of Symphony, a PHP web development framework. Combine this with new innovations in Drupal 8 and we should have a recipe for success that will also aid adoption from the enterprise CMS community.

The need to help the end user was also a major task ahead for Drupal 8 so there is also the possibility to beef up core to help with inline editing of content, better admin tools and better media support.

All in all it sounds like Drupal is heading in the right direction and good times are ahead for the community.

Download the keynote slides.