#drupalcon Day 3 Keynote by The Web Standardistas


Day 3 started off with a large bucket of tea to try to keep me awake for the rest of the day after a great night out at the o2 Arena for the Drupalcon party. Batman live was great and a show I'll try and take my nephew to.

The free drinks after were also most welcome but this did have an impact on my attention span on day 3!

The keynote today saw The Standardistas discuss marrying web fundamentals with timeless design standards and gave some great tips.

The guys started of with a short list of reading:

The changing face of the internet now sees us viewing websites in a variety of ways on a number of different devices. Due to this bandwidth issues should be a crucial consideration in your thinking for a site.

Stick to the fundamentals of web design and work from the ground up, you can then finish off with the fancy graphics! The best designs use grid systems taken from print, using classic design principles.

They also used the iceberg metaphor, it's not just about what you can see it's also about the code that you can't.

1990 saw Tim Berbers Lee invent the world wide web and this saw the early days of responsive design. The year 2000 saw Jeffrey Zeldman's Web Standards Project which lead Wired magazine's 2002 redesign of their site. Now in 2011 Chairman Hickson has given us HTML5 which brings with it new semantics to enhance design.

Other Tips

  • Build website with timeless colour schemes, a good grid system using a good hierarchy to last over time
  •  Tim Brown's blog (Typekit)

Watch the keynote in full