Follow Friday: How To Find Great People To Follow on Twitter

Follow Friday on Twitter

Follow Friday is a great way to share top people to follow on Twitter. The brainchild of @micah who also has a blog on Startups and Entrepreneurship.

Instead of searching for people interested in the same topics as yourself #followfriday gives you the chance to find recommendations from friends who they think deserve your attention.

You can waste time following some people who from first glance looked like good tweeple.

Recommendations take away the pain and gives everyone the chance to give their friends a chance to interact with more people.

Follow Friday is a great addition to give everyone a way to find valuable people to follow.

The first follow friday

Give a short description of what someone tweets or if they're just a great member of the community simply big them up!

Here's my first #followfriday:

My first follow friday

What's your take on Follow Friday? Do you think it's a great idea or just a way to spam your followers?

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Like looks like the people behind the followfriday movement have been working hard on a new website with a live twitterstream of followfridays!!

UPDATED 9th April 2010

Chris Brogan has come up with a great idea to help boost traffic to your own blog whilst at the same time promoting the best of your friends. Why not write a regular post with all the Follow Friday info and submit that link to Twitter. That way you can say a lot more about each person than just the 140 characters allow! Nice idea Chris.


Nate's picture

Great idea. I've started

Great idea. I've started using it and so have followers, have picked up some great people to potentially network with.

Richard Dewick's picture

#followfriday Give your followers some air time

Cheers for the comment Nate, it's great isn't it, it speeds up the process of finding quality contacts no end. Like your blog btw :)

Micah Baldwin's picture is a scraper?

Thanks for the nice comments Richard, but one point of clarification. It appears that scraped my post on #followfriday from my blog: which is disappointing.

When it started it was really just a way to say: "Hey, here are a couple of people I enjoy following, and I think you should too." Its interesting how its grown into this weekly event, that among the good intentioned has marketers looking to grow their follower base.

But isnt that how it always is? :)

Richard Dewick's picture

A great weekly event

Hi Micah, #followfriday has indeed grown into a weekly event and more and more people, not just marketers, are now taking part, look what you've started!

Thanks for the heads up re the link, consider it repointed :)


Unreleased Games's picture

cool idea!

I really like this idea. I've seen a few people doing it but didn't understand what it was. Only just found this site and realised it's potential! @unreleasedgames

Adam Parton's picture

Great Idea, but never understood it first.

I love the idea, but never really understood it until I got the link to here.


Gregg's picture

Good Incentive

I think it is a nice incentive to remind people to tweet valuable stuff. Every friday I usually have a few people I want to recommend and I am excited to see who they recommend as well. The rest of the folks I follow...not so much.

Richard Dewick's picture

Tweet Value

@Gregg I try to tweet valuable messages so if someone I don't know followfridays me I really appreciate it, but won't reciprocate until I get to know them a little better. Otherwise it just turns into tweetspam!

The Beautiful Kind's picture

followfriday overload

I'm not a fan of followfriday, the big lists of names gums up my twitter page with useless information. I wish those who did do it would just pick three a week to recommend instead of ten. QUALITY over QUANTITY.

Anunturi gratuite's picture


This really is a great idea Richard. Thanks for the share.

Richard Dewick's picture

Quality over Quantity

@The Beautiful Kind I totally agree, one week I blitzed my followfriday but on reflection felt it looked like spam and not properly thought through. I now only tweet two maybe three people at a time and give a keep description of what to expect. Quality over Quantity as you say.'s picture

Follow Friday looks cool.

Follow Friday looks cool. I'm definitely going to use it. It helps me to find good contacts. Thanks for sharing. By the way I love your blog. Keep up the good work. Cheers !

Anonymous's picture


this is fantastic article, just retweet for this page.

great work.

My experience

I've been using followfriday for a couple of weeks and think it's a clever, useful idea. Most of the given recommendations deserve to be reviewed. Congratulations for your success.

Scott Hewitt's picture

thanks for the post!

I've been trying to find a sensible and concise post to tell me a little more about follow friday. At last I've got it! I feel as if I was a little behind things :)