Free Drupal CCK & Views Video Tutorials

Free Drupal CCK & Views Video Chapters

If you're serious about Drupal and developing your site further you should be looking at using the CCK and Views modules. These two modules are the basis for most sites we build and provide great functionality that can take your site up a level.

Luckily for you, the great people at Lullabot have released two Free Drupal CCK & Views Video Chapters from the Lullabot Learning Series, to give you a flavour of the modules and their approach to teaching.

The Content Construction Kit (CCK) module allows you to add custom fields to nodes using a web browser. A great way to expand your content types beyond the standard page and story supplied in core.

The Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal site designers to control how lists and tables of content (nodes in Views 1, almost anything in Views 2) are presented.

Enjoy the videos!

Chapter 3: Adding a CCK field

In this sample chapter, Nate Haug explains the modules which make up the Content Construction Kit. He enables these modules and walks through the process of adding a field to a content type (a.k.a. node). He shows how to prefix and suffix a number field in order to imply a currency value and then shows how these fields will appear in the final content submission form.

Chapter 4: The Views User Interface

In this chapter, Nate Haug gives an overview of the Views user interface. He shows how to create a table style view and add fields. He shows how to preview the view, and rearrange or delete fields. He shows how displays and display overrides work as well as Advanced Help functionality. Nate also demonstrates how to retrieve your view settings if you accidentally navigate away from the page.

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Go check out the Lullabot site for more great Drupal tutorials.

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Charly's picture

Thanks for the input!!! I'll

Thanks for the input!!! I'll definitely give these modules a thorough look and a try. Drupal really works for me and I'd like to keep on experiencing with it.

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Great tips

I've never used Drupal before, but these are some good tips in case I ever come across it. Thanks!

~ Kristi

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I'll definitely give these

I'll definitely give these modules a thorough look and a try.

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Excellent Post. Thanks

Excellent Post. Thanks

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These videos are a great resource for anyone who uses Drupal or is thinking about learning how to use it.

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CCK is the one of the basic

CCK is the one of the basic thing related to Drupal so we should learn it first of first. It is difficult to find such tutorials but I have some e-book material to learn.

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Time to admit that I am

Time to admit that I am behind the times. Learning Drupal has definitely been on my list of to do's, but with the family and work it is difficult. These modules seem to add more then just a level. I think its time I quit reading and start doing!

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great tutorial.

cool stuff, i think that this really is the holy grail of drupal programming you can do so much with it, really makes a difference.