Free LiveChat and Drupal

Free LiveChat and Drupal

I've been looking at various LiveChat modules for Drupal sites and after testing a number out I finally found one I liked, Zopim LiveChat.

It's slick, quick and provides all the basic requirements plus a few neat additional things such as user stats, history, visitor lists, customisable sounds. If you wanted you could have unlimited chats for $11.20 a month or the full version for only $20 a month!

Requirements were:

  • Anonymous chat
  • Free
  • One on one private chat
  • Drupal 6 (although most had D7 versions)

Before settling on Zopim I also tried the following modules:

  • QTchat - no anonymous chat
  • PHPFree chat - fugly and sits under node page similar to comment block
  • ShoutBox - felt a bit clunky and didn't really work
  • ChatBlock - was easy to install and worked well but is a Chatroom module, not one on one
  • Chatroll - not very slick
  • ChatRoom - not very slick and involved creating nodes
  • DrupalChat - a little convoluted and speed was of the essence but worth a look

One other free module I didn't try was Bowob chat so if you have do let me know what you think.

Others available but will require a subscription are LiveAgent, LivePerson, ParaChat and RealChat.

I'll report back once I've used the module fully but do let me know if you feel I should be giving another module a go!

Update 13/6/13: So far so good, the alert sound can be changed but is a good prompt to a conversation. If you're offline then you receive an email message left by the customer so you don't miss anything. I've just downloaded the iPhone app and it's just so simple to keep on top of things using this on the move. No I'm not on commission... yet!

I added this to a client's website yesterday and they had 3 enquiries and a conversion in the first 5 hours!


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Not sure whether it meets

Not sure whether it meets your requirements, but have you checked out

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Thanks I missed that one off

Thanks I missed that one off the list but I did try it, if only briefly! I've updated the post with it now.

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Mostly chat software are good

Mostly chat software are good which are listed, But, i have tried eAssistance Pro Live Chat software that really works very well and that is also available on affordable pricing.

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Thanks Dale but I'm afraid I

Thanks Dale but I'm afraid I could only find a sandbox version for Drupal.

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Zopim's going to have some great new features!

We try to make sure Zopim is the best Live Chat solution for all kinds of websites and businesses.

We're going to be launching some great new products, so keep an eye on our blog!

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Thanks for the news on the

Thanks for the news on the new features Abhiroop, I'll update this post with my findings.

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thanks for the article

Thanks for the article.

It has helped narrowed down my research.


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Live2Support Live Chat for Drupal with Advanced Features

I tried some of them. Now integrated Live2Support live chat with Drupal website. Too easy to integrate and operate. I am paying just nominal for advanced features.

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Zopim is great, but Olark

Zopim is great, but Olark provides just as slick features and has a great integration with Drupal already, so you will be able to differ if a user is registered or not etc.

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Live2Support and Olark aren't

Live2Support and Olark aren't free I'm afraid guys but thanks for pointing them out.

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Zopim Chat

Yes. This article is serves the purpose. Zopim is good and provides good features for a free subscription. Plus you have a great android software for connecting with users on the go.

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DrupalChat module

DrupalChat module ( offers live chat functionality in its cloud based commercial version. Its free plan offers a nice feature set.