Great iPhone Running Armband

Belkin DualFit Armband - iPhone 4

As I've stepped up the running since the football season ended I was on the look out for an armband to hold my iPhone. Having read various reviews of armband screens cracking or not allowing access to the screen properly I picked out the one I wanted carefully.

The great people over at Mobile Fun supply some cool iPhone 4 accessories and they were happy to send me the Belkin DualFit Armband to review.

First impressions were good, the phone fitted snuggly into the sleeve so there was no worries of it popping out again during a run. The next test was to try using the phone whilst in situ, this being an important aspect of the armband. I was wary of reports of other armbands not allowing you to use your phone but the Belkin passed the test with flying colours.

I've used it twice and can safely say the plastic cover seems quite flexible and doesn't look like it's going to crack either, which is a bonus. The armband comes with a secure velcro strap with two eyelets, one for muscle bound hunks, the other for the more lithe arm.

All in all it's a great armband and one I'd recommend if you're on the look out for a strong and reliable iphone accessory like this.