Griffin Elan Passport iPad Cover Review

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On the look out for suitable iPad covers I came across the Griffin Elan Passport case and with impeccable timing the nice people at got in touch to see if I'd like one to review. Within a few days I had the case in my possession and I've not been without it since.

I was looking for a case that would give good protection but also easy access to the screen, both around the office and on the move. That's when I saw the Griffin Passport case which appeared to provide just that.

Griffin Elan iPad cover packaged

The case is made of leather with nice detail stitching around the outside, stiff card within the front and back with elasticated straps to hold the pad in place. The straps are a nice touch which allows you take it out of the case with ease. They also allow you to get to the power button and side controls without a problem. The inside cover allows for a small amount of paper along with slits to look after business cards.

Griffin Elan iPad cover packaged

One great advantage of the Elan cover is the ability to use it as a stand for either viewing blog posts, video, TV or writing! When on the train or sitting on the couch the cover folds round perfectly so you can adjust the angle of the pad to aid in typing, instead of propping it up on a cushion for example.

Griffin Elan iPad cover unpackaged

Griffin Elan iPad cover in use

I'm trying to think of some negatives to balance this review but I'm struggling, the only thing that crosses my mind is that it adds a bit of weight to carry but then again it makes it feel solid and secure so not much of a negative sorry! Maybe you can post a comment if you've bought this case and have a different point of view.

Griffin Elan iPad cover

All in all it's a great case, stylish, sturdy and extremely functional which goes to make my iPad easier to use, whilst keeping it safe from things such as @toffeechops!

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This iPad Case looks really cool. It looks really well made, sturdy and stylish. really nice. Thanks for the review.