How A Monkey Clears A Creative Block

Clear A Creative Block

Every now and again our mind goes into melt down, either we have too much going or on not enough, causing a creative block!

At this point I like to get away from the run of the mill websites or magazines and find something completely different.

FFFFound is just one place this monkey visits to find random imagery to give me some inspiration or spark to get my mind working.

The best way I've found lately to browse a number of sites is by using the great iPhone app iView which brings up imagery from your chosen website such as FFFFound.

I use it on a regular basis to clear that creative block and get the juices flowing again.

A mental block can sometimes be broken just by doing something completely different or viewing things out of the ordinary. I've put together a random selection of musings that inspired me to get creative.


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I hope this inspires you to greater things :o)


Mel Painter's picture


As ever makakman truly inspirational. I LOVE those images.

Love these

I love the mouse with the teddy bear and the girl on the bike. Great selection.

Kikolani's picture

Great Images

These are some great images... I love the one with the mouse/rat holding the tiny teddy bear! :)

~ Kristi

Makakman's picture

Inspirational imagery

Thanks everyone for your comments, the mouse is kinda cool, do check out the app if you have an iPhone :o)

Jordan Garn's picture

Very interesting

Pretty interesting stuff, i'll have to give it a shot and see if it gets the creative juices flowing. To bad I can't afford an Iphone.

Louie's picture

like the images

great images, Im going to download the iphone app and have a play with it, sounds interesting

Steven's picture

I saw the video of them

I saw the video of them making that one canyon in the middle of the street image. Was really crazy and so many had to work on it!

PoLR's picture


I absolutely love the first image, I'm obsessed with snow and well, anything winter related. Started at it for ages wanting to be in her shoes!