iPad Eats Up RSS With Relish


In my opinion the best way to keep up-to-date with industry news or what's going on in general is either with Twitter or an RSS feed reader. I use NetNewsWire on my iMac, iBook, iPhone and now iPad. It's a great app and one I use every day.

The only problem being is that I follow so many blogs, last count 60, is that it can be a struggle to keep the number of unread posts at a reasonable level. I'm probably not the only person who feels like this but the sight of 900 unread posts makes my heart sink!

I took the job, yes I used to see it as a job, of reading these posts quite seriously, keeping abreast of the latest goings on in the blogosphere, that was until I got the iPad.

To take a quick step back I used to open up NetNewsWire on my iPhone or laptop to read posts, mainly to get away from my main machine to stop my legs from thinking they were no longer needed! 

My iBook is a few years old now and is really starting to slow down and so it becomes a chore to start up and use. I then got the iPhone and until now used it heavily to do all things from mail to NetNewsWire to Facebook and Twitter. But being such a small screen the efficiency of reading large quantities of text is slow and laborious.

The iPad is now my saving grace and the device that is, in my eyes, going to take my social media activities to the next level.

I'm writing this blog post on the iPad for a start, which again will help me improve the quantity of posts I write, thus improving my blog, one goal already achieved.

Back to my main point though that instead of looking at the number of unread posts as something to put off from doing or with dread, I now look at the number with joy. Wow 500+ posts to read, fantastic! That's 500 new bits of information to absorb, share and blog about.

Now instead of seeing my feed reader as another job to tick off the list, it is now a perk that I can't wait to do. Also the added bonus of the iPad is that posts that previously looked long winded or just too damn wordy I now see as packed full of potentially ground breaking news. What a transformation.

This is all down to the larger screen, how tactile it is and the speed of the iPad. You could argue why didn't I just wipe my laptop and reinstall my OS but that doesn't account for the weight of the machine or what now seems like its bulkiness. Being predominately a handheld device and lightweight makes the iPad just too easy to use, journalists take note.

This all goes towards seeing the iPad as a great tool for social media and part of my plans to improve my blog and activity on the web.

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Ed Roach's picture

iPad envy

I'm jealous Richard. I want one but they're sold out in Detroit and here in Canada they're expected maybe at the end of the month :(

Richard Dewick's picture

iPad Worth The Wait

Hi Ed, you might have to wait a while but it'll be well worth it, I'll be writing further blog posts on the iPad, is there anything specific you'd like to know about it?