iPad First Impressions - Good or Bad?

iPad First Impressions

Yes that's right, I have an iPad, I can't quite believe it myself, I'm keeping up with the Fry's of this world!

This time last week I was only dreaming about getting one when they eventually come out here in the UK, luckily for me a great client was off to NYC to get their hands on one and managed to snaffle a second. Even better than that is the fact he didn't then put it straight on Ebay but instead offered it to me for a reasonable amount :o)

So enough of the fawning over actually owning one and on to the business of reporting my first impressions, which are blinking brilliant. Mainly because if you blink you miss it, the speed of the iPad is one of its stand out features.

The Basics

Speed is definitely of the essense when it comes to the iPad and start up doesn't disappoint. Opening and closing apps is as quick and efficient as you could ask for. Battery life so far is good although I haven't used it non stop yet!

First things first was to set up mail, which was done in a jiffy and give it a whirl. Straight away the screen lends itself to reading on the move with text size and background luminosity just right. When in portrait mode the inbox is linked at the top of the page in a popup window giving maximum space to the message itself. When in landscape mode your inbox appears down the left hand side of the screen allowing for quick access or deletion.

Next up for a quick test drive was Safari, not my everyday browser, which is Firefox, but since recent updates in speed, a browser that catches the eye. Again the speed of browsing is just great, lightening quick whether navigating a site or flicking between pages.

I can certainly see the point made by some that the iPad could see the resurgence in newspaper industry and naturally the news agencies will be keeping a keen eye on the success of the machine. Viewing a website, especially blogs or news sites, is a dream, the text sitting there waiting to be consumed.

I haven't checked out the newspaper apps specifically designed for the iPad yet but I can imagine they'll use every available space and look fantastic.

So far so good, next for something a step beyond basic a blog post. This very post was written entirely on the iPad and considering all that I've heard about typing it was none the less easy and an enjoyable experience. I don't touch type myself but I'm certainly not the slowest typer either so maybe I won't be breaking out the wireless keyboard after all.

Beyond The Basics

Next up was downloading some iPad specific apps which I found via Gizmodo:

  • NetNewsWire
  • SecretBox
  • Layers
  • TweetDeck
  • Air Sharing
  • Code Monkey

Again first impressions were very good, the speed of download, in NetNewsWire, of feeds was excellent and display stunning. The first blog post I read was by AlfredHitchcock Geek which looked awesome. This is one app I liked on the iPhone but it looks even better on the iPad.

The only negative so far has been in TweetDeck where you can click on links to view them in portrait mode, once in landscape you can read the tweet only! Oh and the app store doesn't work in the UK yet so I have to download them on my Mac and then sync the iPad to use them.

Further blog posts to follow on Blogging with the iPad, Social Media Monitoring and maintaining a website including FTP, coding and file sharing.

Exciting stuff, sorry there aren't many negatives, yet!

It also works as a handy digi photo frame hey @toffeechops ;o)

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Toffee on the ipad


Patricia Skinner's picture


Sounds great Richard--I may give one a whirl. :)

Xav's picture

Sudden lust

I wish your review hadn't been quite so glowing as now I feel like I have to have one, if only to see blog posts in all their lengthy glory!

Do you think it will be good enough to eventually replace your iPhone or laptop when out and about?

Richard Dewick's picture

iPad Envy

Hi Xav, I've had quite a few envious friends asking about the iPad especially when I say exactly how good it is. I've got further blog posts coming up in the next few days about how it could replace my iPhone and laptop, keep an eye out!! It's definitely got the potential to in my eyes though ;o)

BTN's picture

Crazy Fun, But I Have Greasy Fingers

I got one the day they came out, but man I've now realized I have some greasy fingers. When the light hits the screen just right, I get grossed out. I bought a special cleaner that is supposed to clean and protect from future disgustingness, but it only "kind of" works.

AND IT WON'T REPLACE ANYTHING. It's just another gadget that you'll enjoy the crap out of it, but your mac and iphone will still hold a special place in your heart.