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We've recently just joined the Drupal Association to show our commitment as Drupal developers to make sure we do our best to help it grow and improve. In doing so we are also helping our clients who use Drupal to make sure their sites use the latest functionality of this cutting edge system.

The Drupal Association is an organisation dedicated to helping the open-source Drupal CMS project flourish. We help the Drupal community with funding, infrastructure, events, promotion and distribution.

We are looking forward to getting even more involved with the community, whether that's answering more questions in the forum or adding patches to modules.

Just in the last month we have contributed our first module, sponsoring the development of the Ubercart Multiple Purchase Discounts module. The first of many to come out in 2011.

We've been using Drupal for many years now going back to the early days of Drupal 5.1 and have seen the community build in that time to such an extent that even The White House has taken note along with The Economist.

It’s really the Drupal community and not so much the software that makes the Drupal project what it is. So fostering the Drupal community is actually more important than just managing the code base.
Dries Buytaert - Creator and project lead of Drupal

It's exciting times with new developments happening all the time, the latest being CommerceGuys raising around 1 million euros to develop a number of e-commerce products and services for Drupal. Read Drupal Association General Assembly Member Beven Rudge's article Celebrating 2010 & The Achievements Of The Drupal Association.

We are looking to further extend our Drupal services and add more valuable content to this blog to help the community still further. Why not subscribe to our blog at the top of the page to hear the latest news!

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Happy holidays and all the best for 2011 to our clients and all Drupalists out there.


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Migrating from Joomla to Drupal

We're also migrating our websites from Joomla to Drupal :) I hope Drupal will make it big in the long run. Looking forward for more great updates, thanks Makak!