Moray McLaren’s We Got Time - Stunning Animation

Moray Mclaren video

What a stunning piece of work to create a fantastic video for Moray McLaren’s We Got Time. It’s pure creative genius, no camera trickery, everything was recorded as you see it!

I first saw the video on brainpickings but felt I had to share it with all my readers it was so good.

If this doesn't inspire you then I don't know what will!

David Wilson is the genius behind it, go check him out.

Hard work can produce excellent results, you don't always need special effects to get a great video.


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That is fun to watch. It definitely shows that you can create anything with a little imagination. :)

~ Kristi

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Creative freedom

David Wilson must of had great fun making this, not sure if he had complete creative licence but he sure let his imagination run free.

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Thanks for sharing this wonderful video with us! I saw it twice and really liked it! Sometimes, simple scenes, complex creativity.


Thanks for sharing this Richard. David Wilson seems like a very creative dude.

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It's stunning!

It is really a stunning animation. I checked his work on his own site and it is my pleasure to visit that site. I can see this model in illustration there which is a masterpiece itself.

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This is called the power of

This is called the power of skill and animation. I am really excited to create the similar video for fun purposes. I appreciate the effort.

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I heard that some people are

I heard that some people are creative and genius by birth. Perhaps he is one of those. There are a few people who can create such media and David is one of those.

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That's brilliant. The attention detail and execution is superb. It hurts my head trying to understand how people can come up with this stuff!