Our First App Is Now Live On Google Play!

My Caribbean Offers app

It's an exciting start to the year for us as today saw us launch our very first mobile app! The My Caribbean Offers app is now available on Google Play and Apple iOS.

The website uses Drupal 7 and the app is built using the Open Source framework PhoneGap.

We're using a number of modules including Services, GeoField, GeoCoder, Static Map as well as our own custom modules.

We go into more detail in the follow up post but for now please download the app and provide any comments below.

Screen shot of My Caribbean Offers on Google Play


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Drupal Apps


Is it not possible to make Mobile apps by using only Drupal and only drupal contributed modules?

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You can use just Drupal and

You can use just Drupal and modules if you simply want to do something like sending data to your mobile from your website then you can use the Drupal PhoneGap module. Otherwise the mobile application development must be done separately.

For example the MCO app uses it's own database on the phone but the data has been generated by the Drupal website.