Our Most Popular Drupal Posts

Looking back over my blog it's made me realise how much Drupal has pushed the company forward and how at the same time we've been able to help the community along the way. I thought I'd put this post together as a bit of a retrospective and a starting point for how the blog is going to change in the coming months.

We're riding the crest of the wave that is Drupal's burgeoning popularity amongst the masses, not just the few and in sharing our most popular recent Drupal related posts it will help those recent adopters at the same time.

So here's our most popular recent Drupal posts and do look out for a further post on how the blog will shape up in future, more posts for beginners coming soon.

The Ultimate Resource For Drupal Beginners

After responding to a question on Linked In I'm a Drupal newbie, do you know of a free online course that can help me understand better how to use and manage Drupal? I thought I'd take the answers and then develop them further into this guide.

Naturally the first place to begin is Drupal's own documentation which contains loads of useful info. Beyond this you can use the Drupal forum or Drupal Groups to find solutions or ask your own questions.

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10 Great Summer Time Drupal Website Designs

Summer time is now officially here, the sun is out (for the moment!) so what better time to get some inspiration for your Drupal web designs.

We all like a bit of splash of colour in our designs but it's not always easy to find that balance between colourful and break out the sunglasses time!

So hopefully I've pulled together 10 designs, all on Drupal based sites (read more on Drupal if you don't know your CMS from your HTC), that bring that dose of colour along with good design.

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Voucher Codes & Discounts with OffersOn + Drupal

Voucher Codes & Discounts are big business since the advent of sites such as Groupon and vouchercodes.co.uk. So with this in mind OffersOn was created supplying daily voucher codes, discount vouchers and meal deal restaurant vouchers.

OffersOn wanted an Open Source solution and having researched the market Drupal was top of the list. A design was already in place so it was our job to build and theme the site around this.

The client is very happy with the result but we thought we'd highlight just some of what went into the site.

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Bia Brazil Fitness Wear For A Sexy Stylish Workout

Bia Brazil and Margarita fitness wear are two of the top designer ladies gym wear specialists from Brazil. We have been lucky enough to work with one of an exclusive number of retailers in the UK, Daisy Fitness, to produce a website to show their range of stylish workout wear.

The fitness wear from both Bia Brazil and Margarita are made form Supplex® by DuPont, the latest technical fabric to be used in workout wear. Daisy Fitness were eager to have an ecommerce website that displayed the quality and style of these designers, we hope you enjoy the result.

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