Paper, What Is It Good For?!

Paper Samples

Paper, it's in our everyday lives but do you take for granted the effect different paper types and styles have on you? The value of good quality paper goes far beyond it's cost, the feel and look can have a more meaningful effect than you think.

If you want to add that extra dimension to a project, the choice of paper is very important.

A good designer or printer should always provide choices when producing a brochure or stationery for example but sadly that is not always the case. Conqueror is a popular brand everybody knows but it's not always the best choice or value for money.

Take a business card for example, probably the first piece of marketing a contact will receive from you. Now depending on what business you have, the type of paper you choose can have an added effect.

If say your company is in decorating, a coated paper will make your logo and colour stand out far better than on an uncoated paper.

What message does a dull business card from a decorating firm convey?! It doesn't inspire confidence does it? With the addition of a varnish your logo can leap off the business card.

A letterhead can change from being just another piece of stationery to giving your company a smart professional edge. Possibly using a laid paper which has a ribbed texture to give extra feel and quality.

Rather than a blank divider page in a brochure, why not add some translucent paper or plastic for the cover with screen printed text.

Whatever you choose, remember a quality document can last a long time and do a better job at marketing your company than a cold call or email. As I said in another post Choose Quality Over Quantity.


What an information on

What an information on papers. I never looked at it from beyond something just to write on. You are probably right of the effect it has on the final presentation.