Static Site or Content Management System (CMS)?

An interesting post by Rand over at SEOmoz on Choosing the Right CMS Platform for Your Website (from an SEO perspective) contains a really simple flow chart for those thinking about using a CMS.

Before you dive head first into trying out one of the many Open Source CMS available, such as Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, you should ask yourself, Do I really need a CMS?

You might be surprised once you've ridden the rapids on Rand's flow chart!


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I use Contribute and as a non tech it's easy to use. I only update content and fonts etc. but I do feel that's a cheaper way than having to pay the web site creator to do it...

Can anyone tell me if Pay per Click is worth doing for a small 'sevices' business???

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Cost effective

You're right there, if you're updating a site on a frequent basis then a CMS is for you and would work out more cost effective in the long run. It also depends on how much time you can spare away from your own work whether a CMS is suitable.

I do think Pay Per Click (PPC) is worthwhile if done properly, here's a couple of articles to get you started: