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Black & White Radio

Today sees the launch of another client's website, Black & White Radio, one we're very excited about. It's the first music based site we've put together and one we're very fond of.

If you're a fan of 20's to 60's music then Black & White Radio is for you! We're huge fans of that era of music, as you will have noticed by my last post 50 Years of Motown, and can honestly say we've been listening since the early test transmissions.

B&W's motto:

'Welcome to Black & White Radio, the little antique shop on the radio high street.'

Packed full of classic tunes all day long, we find it hard to turn off. Sadly we're not in sunny Spain (home to B&W Radio (Javea)) to listen over the air waves so instead we listen over the rather new fangled method of the interweb.

I've picked out a few numbers below that you may have heard of on the wireless, or if you're familiar with those glory days of music, you probably own one! Sit back and enjoy these before heading over:

At this time there's no advertising at all so you can listen to back to back great hits. It probably sounds like I work for them but no, I'm just a big fan! I've always fancied myself as a DJ, think I'd be too cheesy though

I hope you enjoy all the old photos and styling on the site and most important of all enjoy the best radio station out there! (I'm biased)

Oh yeah, the owner, Rob, can be spotted with his brother on the pony!

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atul chatterjee's picture

Antique music

Thanks for this post.I'll be tuning into this station. I love the music of the 1950s but haven't heard much of the 30s and 40s.