Tweetdeck iPad Review


Having used a number of Twitter apps on my desktop and iPhone I was looking to take my Twitter interaction to the next level on the iPad.

Having heard that Tweetdeck was quick to the market I jumped on board, downloaded it and gave it a whirl.

On first impressions the app looks great, in portrait mode you have two columns of info, primarily your followers tweets and mentions. In the top third of the screen you have a blank area which, when you click on a tweet, is used to display said tweet or, if you click a link inside the tweet the panel flips to show the website.

Selected Tweet

Selected Link


In landscape mode three columns take up the whole screen and thankfully, due to the latest update, you can now view links in a tweet which display in full screen mode. Version 1 of the software didn't allow for this so you had to constantly turn the iPad portrait which made the landscape view obsolete.

Landscape mode

Landscape selected tweet

For some reason, probably because I got carried away, when I added a second account I got three extra columns of duplicate info. I couldn't at first work out how to delete them and then found you had to hold your finger down on the column title, the columns then shrink in size and an x appears top right of each column. Great I thought but at first I couldn't delete anything. I then found with trial and error that if I tapped twice just below the x it worked, not very accurate and it didn't work every time either!

Holding your finger down on the column title also gives you the option to change the column order.

You can edit the column settings by a single tap on the column title, this gives you refresh rate and the ability to the plot the tweets on a map.

On first look Tweetdeck has everything you need, a good UI and clear navigation but sadly the good start didn't last and the app started to slow down, crash more frequently and just become annoying!

Simply scrolling through tweets becomes tiresome as the app seems to want to download the avatar first before you can scroll further down the list.

Then you might be in the middle of typing a reply and the app freezes as it refreshes itself or, worse case scenario, it just crashes.

Start up is mighty slow too compared to most other apps on the iPad, waiting for your tweets to pop up starts to be a drag but I suppose multitasking will help in this respect when it comes up. Tweetdeck might have lost a few users by then though!

All this led to frustrations with Tweetdeck that I could no longer put up with. Then I saw that Twitterific had their very own iPad app, review to follow shortly, safe to say it works for a kick off!

What's your iPad Twitter app? Had the same experiences with Tweetdeck? 

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Anonymous's picture

My fav Twitter app

Twittelator for iPad is awesome

Richard Dewick's picture

Thanks, I'll give it a try.

Thanks, I'll give it a try.