UK Miniature BlogFest: A Collection of Great Blog Posts

As you might have noticed I've not blogged for a while, which is great on the one hand, I've been way too busy. On the other it highlights that I haven't prepared any blog posts, not the done thing now is it!!

I like to be spontaneous and write when and how I see fit, which puts pressure on me to produce work there and then but that's the way I like, it keeps me on my toes.

So back to what this post is really about, my UK Miniature Blogfest of some recent content that caught my eye. It's no good reading these well written posts without sharing them with you, so here's a small collection of UK talent you shouldn't miss out on, happy reading:

Hope you enjoyed this little collection, if this proves popular I might keep it up every month.


Tim Nash's picture

Cheers for the link :D

I know how you feel my chrome thought slosh for want of a better description came after nearly two month blogging absences didn't even think people still had me in their feed readers :D

Cheers for the link

Richard Dewick's picture

Google Chromed

You might have had a break from your blog but the quality still remains Tim and the feed reader never forgets ;)