Voucher Codes & Discounts with OffersOn + Drupal

Voucher Codes & Discounts

Voucher Codes & Discounts are big business since the advent of sites such as Groupon and vouchercodes.co.uk. So with this in mind OffersOn was created supplying daily voucher codes, discount vouchers and meal deal restaurant vouchers.

OffersOn wanted an Open Source solution and having researched the market Drupal was top of the list. A design was already in place so it was our job to build and theme the site around this.

The client is very happy with the result but we thought we'd highlight just some of what went into the site.


There are a number of popular modules incorporated into the site including CCK, Views, Date, Imagecache, CTools, Nice Menus and Quick Tabs along with some custom work to make the site what it is.

The social elements were crucial, bearing this in mind we used amongst others fbSocial, Open Graph meta tags and AddThis.


Development Since Launch

We've tweaked the website and hosting in a number of ways since launch to get the site working as quickly and smoothly as possible. We recently added the ability to import Excel spreadsheets of data to speed up the process of updating the site. You can read how this has helped OffersOn along with a full testimonial.

In development is a rework of some core pages as some Views have become bloated and because of the popularity of the site this means every millisecond counts!

Read the full case study or just grab some discounts!