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The Ultimate Resource For Drupal Beginners

The Ultimate Resource For Drupal Beginners

After responding to a question on Linked In I'm a Drupal newbie, do you know of a free online course that can help me understand better how to use and manage Drupal? I thought I'd take the answers and then develop them further into this guide.

Naturally the first place to begin is Drupal's own documentation which contains loads of useful info. Beyond this you can use the
Drupal forum or Drupal Groups to find solutions or ask your own questions.

Once you've used Drupal for a spell and found Google to be your best buddy when trying to track down code tips and tricks, you might be thinking there must be a better way to learn Drupal. Well you can't beat getting your hands dirty and getting stuck into some coding by trial and error but if you're looking for a more structured method to learn Drupal I'm hoping the list below should go some way to help you.

Business News Updates On London Business News

Business News Updates

A new website displaying the latest business news updates including finance news, travel news, olympics news, jobs and much more.

London Business News aggregates content from across the web displaying business news updates from top news outlets including the BBC and Reuters.

The site is built using Drupal 7 and only a small number of additional modules including Chaos Tools, EU Cookie Compliance, Panels, Share This and Beauty Tips.

10 Great Summer Time Drupal Website Designs

10 Great Summer Time Drupal Website Designs

Summer time is now officially here, the sun is out (for the moment!) so what better time to get some inspiration for your Drupal web designs.

We all like a bit of splash of colour in our designs but it's not always easy to find that balance between colourful and break out the sunglasses time!

So hopefully I've pulled together 10 designs, all on Drupal based sites (read more on Drupal if you don't know your CMS from your HTC), that bring that dose of colour along with good design.

Echoing Green

Echoing Green Drupal Website


SmartGrid Drupal Website

Drupal 8 To Kick Ass!

Drupal 8 To Kick Ass!

DrupalCon Denver has just been and gone with over 3000 attendees Drupal is really starting to open up to the masses. The founder of Drupal, Dries Buytaert gave his keynote speech and focused on how Drupal 8 is going to kick ass by winning the hearts and minds through innovation.

He highlighted one such company, Kodak, that didn't innovate and so got left behind in the advent of digital photography. With this in mind he sees Drupal as having the chance to make Drupal 8 an innovative project which will keep Drupal ahead of the competition.

Dries mentioned some Drupal strengths such as the big community aspect and how that translates to innovation. Along with a weakness which is that demand for skilled developers is currently outstripping supply but this was just one aspect the Drupal Association is looking to counter.

One huge opportunity for Drupal 8 is the mobile market and with the expected growth of mobile usage, to increase 25 times over the next 5 years, now is the time to really address this in Drupal.

Voucher Codes & Discounts with OffersOn + Drupal

Voucher Codes & Discounts

Voucher Codes & Discounts are big business since the advent of sites such as Groupon and vouchercodes.co.uk. So with this in mind OffersOn was created supplying daily voucher codes, discount vouchers and meal deal restaurant vouchers.

OffersOn wanted an Open Source solution and having researched the market Drupal was top of the list. A design was already in place so it was our job to build and theme the site around this.

The client is very happy with the result but we thought we'd highlight just some of what went into the site.


5 New Drupal Modules

New Drupal Modules

Here's the latest group of new modules I've selected for your viewing pleasure! I'm going to make this into a regular feature so do let me know if there's a module out there that deserves some attention.

Out of the 5 modules below the two that stand out for me are Views Supertable and Textualizer. Take a look at the demo linked below and you'll see what a cool module Views Supertable is. The Textualizer module also looks good and uses JQuery to create some neat text transitions and is supported by most modern browsers and IE!

Although a couple of the modules are still dev versions they are in active development so expect a full release soon.

Children's Puzzles A Great Christmas Gift!

Children's Puzzles

Kay and Vie sell children's puzzles, T-shirts and toys so with Christmas fast approaching they needed their website working. Sadly their Magento site was broken and wouldn't allow access to the admin section or checkout.

Initially we fixed the issue, which turned out to be a common bug with the PayPal secure setting but it turned out the system wasn't what the client had hoped for. So next stop was migration to Drupal and Ubercart with its more user friendly design.

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