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Boost for Online Retailers - 54% Increase in Christmas Spending

eCommerce Spending Increase

Whilst the rest of the economy looks shaky online retailers are excited at the thought of grabbing a larger percentage of the retail market. Figures recently out show that during the period of October to December overall sales for 2007 were up by a staggering 54% on the same period in 2006.

The electronics market showed the best growth in December up 60% with the clothing market in second with a 28% increase.

Further proof that customers are becoming more confident about online security measures and are willing to spend their money over the internet. Online reductions and promotions have helped drive this increase which is a welcome boost for those with an online presence.

10 Juicy Website Designs

A Juicy Satsuma

A website can be many things, e-commerce, brochure, directory, community based, but to be a success the design needs to be a-peel-ing (appealing!).

Appealing like a Satsuma, juicy, enriching, attractive, useable. Peel away that soft outer skin and you have handy little chunks of goodness. Very similar to the way a beautiful and well thought out design leads to easy access to great content.

On the other hand there's the Ugly fruits of this world, unattractive names for a start and then there's the look of them! What a shame as there's some nice stuff inside.

If you've got some great original content why hide it behind an ugly, hard-to-use layout?!

Here's just 10 sites I think are juicy Satsumas:


Apple website

Open Source Just Gets Tastier

Open Source Logo

Open Source relates to the source code of a programme. If a piece of software is Open Source you are allowed to download, use it and edit it for free.

The term open source allows you to amend the code to get the desired result you want.

Due to it's growing popularity, Open Source software programmers are producing high end work to rival products of the big guns. Because of this companies such as Microsoft and Google are actively engaging in collaborations with Open Source software developers.

My Open Source software of choice is the Drupal CMS which is fast turning into a major force in the web community.

Static Site or Content Management System (CMS)?

An interesting post by Rand over at SEOmoz on Choosing the Right CMS Platform for Your Website (from an SEO perspective) contains a really simple flow chart for those thinking about using a CMS.

Before you dive head first into trying out one of the many Open Source CMS available, such as Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, you should ask yourself, Do I really need a CMS?

You might be surprised once you've ridden the rapids on Rand's flow chart!

Paper, What Is It Good For?!

Paper Samples

Paper, it's in our everyday lives but do you take for granted the effect different paper types and styles have on you? The value of good quality paper goes far beyond it's cost, the feel and look can have a more meaningful effect than you think.

If you want to add that extra dimension to a project, the choice of paper is very important.

A good designer or printer should always provide choices when producing a brochure or stationery for example but sadly that is not always the case. Conqueror is a popular brand everybody knows but it's not always the best choice or value for money.

Take a business card for example, probably the first piece of marketing a contact will receive from you. Now depending on what business you have, the type of paper you choose can have an added effect.

If say your company is in decorating, a coated paper will make your logo and colour stand out far better than on an uncoated paper.

Why I Chose Drupal

Drupal logo

On the look out for an Open Source Content Management System I toyed with a few but in the end plumped for Drupal after a recommendation from my good friend in Usability Yuri who commented on its' SEO qualities.

The community base of Drupal is very strong which aids in sourcing answers to issues that occur. There are a multitude of modules already available and more appearing all the time. There are also some great resources for Drupal providing tutorials and tools.

The strength and quality of Drupal was also recognised by Google as they backed a number of projects from their Summer of Code last year.

5 Great Resources For Drupal

Drupal Resources

The Open Source software Drupal has many followers and to give you some help in customising your site here's a list of 5 great resources for Drupal:






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