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5 New Drupal Modules To Try

Drupal recently launched its' redesigned theme and logo, which was about time, along with some new functionality and restructuring.

One new feature of the modules page is being able to filter the results by date, allowing you to see the latest modules available for download.

This inspired me to pick out 5 Great New Drupal Modules to share with you. I hope you like them.

Griffin Elan Passport iPad Cover Review

iPad Covers

On the look out for suitable iPad covers I came across the Griffin Elan Passport case and with impeccable timing the nice people at www.gearzap.com got in touch to see if I'd like one to review. Within a few days I had the case in my possession and I've not been without it since.

I was looking for a case that would give good protection but also easy access to the screen, both around the office and on the move. That's when I saw the Griffin Passport case which appeared to provide just that.

Griffin Elan iPad cover packaged

Updating Module Plugins Safely And Securely

Updating Module Plugins Safely And Securely

Whether you are using Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla or similar CMS you will want to keep your site and module plugins up-to-date for security as well as functionality reasons.

This can be straight forward or a tricky and time consuming task depending on the size of your site and the amount of modules installed.

Updating the core site with half a dozen extra modules would, 9 out of 10 times, be straight forward but then again who only has that many modules installed on their site?!

That's why when it comes to updating your site and its' modules you should follow a set procedure to insure your site looks and works in the same way as it did before you updated anything.

3G & WiFi or WiFi Only iPad?

3G & WiFi or WiFi Only iPad

I see a lot of people asking the question on Twitter, "Should I get the 3G iPad over the WiFi only version?" and my simple answer is no.

Why pay extra for the iPad itself for 3G connectivity, then the data package to go with it when WiFi is widely available and quite often, when out and about, free.

I went away for a week on holiday to Southwold in Suffolk, on the east coast of England, knowing that the property we were going to didn't have WiFi. What I did find though was the Blyth Hotel with free WiFi, beautiful food and good hospitality!

Having done a little research before we went away I knew there were quite a few WiFi spots in the area, so I didn't panic.

iPad 3G Data Plans UK

One thing that also put me off the 3G iPad was the cost of a data package. I already pay £25 a month for 8mb broadband in the office so the thought of paying £15 a month for a 3G tariff combined with my monthly O2 iPhone bill just didn't seem logical.

If anyone here is in advertising or marketing... kill yourself!

Bill Hicks Marketing

Not my words but the words of the comedian Bill Melvin Hicks, who am I to argue with the great man?! I was lucky enough to go to the world premiere of American, The Bill Hicks Story at the London Film Festival (last year) and with it now on national release it got me thinking about how you should advertise your business in todays market.

Once you've finished reading this post do check out the video which clarifies what Bill Hicks joked about! One thing that is obvious is that in years gone by advertisers would sell their soul to get you to purchase a product, nowadays they've wised up to the fact a big budget doesn't guarantee a good return.

So how should you market your business whilst avoiding the pitfalls of those advertisers Mr Hicks despised?

Here are 5 ways to advertise your business in 2010, the ethical way.

Tweetdeck iPad Review


Having used a number of Twitter apps on my desktop and iPhone I was looking to take my Twitter interaction to the next level on the iPad.

Having heard that Tweetdeck was quick to the market I jumped on board, downloaded it and gave it a whirl.

On first impressions the app looks great, in portrait mode you have two columns of info, primarily your followers tweets and mentions. In the top third of the screen you have a blank area which, when you click on a tweet, is used to display said tweet or, if you click a link inside the tweet the panel flips to show the website.

Selected Tweet

Follow Friday 16 April

Follow Friday on Twitter

This will be my first Follow Friday since Chris Brogan came up with an improved version that can help drive traffic to your own blog.

The new format below means you have more room to detail why you should follow someone rather than just plaster Twitter with a handful of tweeple with no explanation.

So without further a do here are 4 great people to follow this Friday:

@BWelford tweets about business online, seo and blogging on a regular basis with a well respected opinion, a must follow.

@nictinworth is my Far East correspondent for digital and web solutions.

@ruudhein Wordpress, social with a large chunk of SEO for good measure.

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