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2009 Brings A Fresh New Look

New Web Design

After having a great end to last year we felt now was the time to give the Makak Media website a complete makeover.

Results from our Blog Survey also backed up our thoughts and resulted in a brand new logo, strapline and web design.

We liked our old site design, which was extremely distinctive, but that was the main bug bear with some of you that answered our survey. The white on black was a little hard to read so this new look should please those people the most.

Speed & Layout

The speed of our old design was a major factor in its' design but the new one shouldn't cause problems in that department either. The layout for the new look was a major factor even though people liked our old design. A minimalist, clean layout was a must.

Having a two column theme makes for extra room to display more content above the fold to save on scrolling time, I know how impatient you can be!

sIFR Font Replacement

An Introduction to Twitter - Don't Be Afraid of The Birds

Introduction to Twitter

So you've been looking at ways to promote your business, gain new customers and someone suggested Twitter! What the tubular bells is Twitter I hear some of you say.

Twitter is a micro blogging service that is free to use either online or via downloadable applications to your desktop or mobile. You're allowed up to 140 characters to tweet away to your heart's content about anything you see fit. The smart people keep it on topic (your niche market) and insightful, minimum fluff!

Friends on Twitter are called followers, the more followers you have the more you can socialise and enjoy tweeting.

Now if you're not one for airing your views in the public domain you might be a little afraid of all the tweets flying around the wide world of the web! The great thing with Twitter is that the community is a welcoming and friendly place.

Tune Your Wireless to Black and White Radio

Black & White Radio

Today sees the launch of another client's website, Black & White Radio, one we're very excited about. It's the first music based site we've put together and one we're very fond of.

If you're a fan of 20's to 60's music then Black & White Radio is for you! We're huge fans of that era of music, as you will have noticed by my last post 50 Years of Motown, and can honestly say we've been listening since the early test transmissions.

B&W's motto:

'Welcome to Black & White Radio, the little antique shop on the radio high street.'

Packed full of classic tunes all day long, we find it hard to turn off. Sadly we're not in sunny Spain (home to B&W Radio (Javea)) to listen over the air waves so instead we listen over the rather new fangled method of the interweb.

50 Years of Motown

Motown 50 years

Today marks 50 years of the iconic record label MOTOWN, bringing us such greats as Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and the list goes on.

My favourite music blog has a couple of classic clips of two Motown greats but I thought I would pick out some record sleeves that caught my eye stylistically.

Some great photography mixed in with nice typography means these album sleeves stand the test of time. You can't beat owning a bit of vinyl, shame I don't have a record player to play them on!

Stevie Wonder

MailChimp Review: Online HTML Email Marketing

Mailchimp Review

In need of an online email marketing platform, we found at least three that fitted our criteria of a good feature set, ease of use and cost effective pricing. We opted for our monkey cousins over at MailChimp!

Having searched on Twitter for an alternative to Aweber and iContact, then having read the Outlawdesign blog review of MailChimp we hooked up and swung into action.

The pricing structure was the most competitive we could find, especially if you're like us and only sending out an email every quarter. Buying credits that match the number of emails sent instead of a fixed monthly fee, suits us just fine.

Johnny Vegas and BBC3 in Risk Taking Advert Featuring Moto-Stunts International


BBC3 recently put together a short film, titled 'Fearless' starring Johnny Vegas, Ralf Little, Natalie Casey and Matt Berry, designed to promote BBC3's risk-taking approach to programming.

The short opens with Vegas describing why he is about to try an Evel Knievel-style stunt...

"A lot of people would think I'm mad, they'd say 'Johnny, no, don't do this'," he says. "What do you mean, 'Am I fearless?'. No, I'm not a fearful person."

Our client Moto-Stunts International helped with the motorcyle stunt and really enjoyed the day's filming which adds to their TV appearances going back to shows such as 'Game for a Laugh', 'Beadles About' and more recently 'Scrap Heap Challenge' on Channel 4.

You can view the BBC3 comedy film on MSI website. Don't miss MSI's Fire stunts filmed for Jeremy Clarkson's (Top Gear presenter) latest DVD 'Thriller', due in the shops now.

Coming Soon To A Blog Near You

Busy times lead to a slow flow of blog articles but do not fear, I've got some corkers lined up in the next few weeks!

Results from my Blog Survey '08 are on the way, so if you haven't given me your feedback click through now!

We've also got a complete site redesign coming your way for 2009. You should always be reviewing and monitoring your brand and marketing strategy, which is why we're about to tweak our design to leap into the new year all fresh faced and bushy tailed.

Recently we started using MailChimp for our email marketing so they'll be a round up of its' pluses and minuses, so far it's chimptastic smile

Plus there's a great little article on what you can learn from Kung Fu Panda! Oh yes, design and Kung Fu Panda, what a combination smile

Coming sooner than you think!

P.S. Don't worry Drupalers, there's cool stuff for you too!
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