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PhoneGap and Drupal 7 Data Synchronization for My Caribbean Offers App

PhoneGap and Drupal 7

In our last blog post we launched the My Caribbean Offers app for Android and Apple iOS.

The app displays offers for all types of tourist related businesses from across the Caribbean and is currently free to download!

We thought we'd share what went into building the app, the modules used and processes involved.

Screen shot of My Caribbean Offers on Google Play

Client side requirements

Phonegap with local database (SQLite in our case), jQuery for ajax operations (http requests)

Module requirements

Views, Services, Custom module to save node deletions

Our First App Is Now Live On Google Play!

My Caribbean Offers app

It's an exciting start to the year for us as today saw us launch our very first mobile app! The My Caribbean Offers app is now available on Google Play and Apple iOS.

The website uses Drupal 7 and the app is built using the Open Source framework PhoneGap.

We're using a number of modules including Services, GeoField, GeoCoder, Static Map as well as our own custom modules.

BackDrop, Helping The Drupal Community Or One in The Eye For Drupal8

Drupal Fork Backdrop

I've listened to the recent chat on TalkingDrupal about the BackDrop project, a fork of Drupal which is causing much controversy in the community.

Having read the BackDrop website and also read various blog posts there's lots of things to get excited about if you're a D7 enthusiast and some not so great things if you're a Drupal evangelist!

Some people are scared of what it might do to the community, some are overjoyed at its concept but before I cast my opinion here's some of what I've gleaned so far.

We're happy with Drupal 7, we know what it can do but we also know its limitations

We all know Drupal 7 isn't perfect, it's made good strides since Drupal 6 but you might feel Drupal 8 is more of a leap! if you're happy with Drupal 7 and you're already hiding behind your chair having read about what's changing in Drupal 8 then BackDrop could be for you.

They are going to incorporate most, if not all, the Drupal 8 goodness but on a Drupal 7 framework

Expanding Our Reach To The Kent Coast

Herne Bay

Our monkey limbs will now stretch from Central London to the north Kent coast.

After living in Bromley all my life it's now time for a change and with that comes new premises. Makak Media will now be based out of Herne Bay for the most part but with frequent visits to our two other offices in Bromley and Central London.

London Office:
36 – 38 Whitefriars Street
Bromley Office:
Rushley Close
Kent BR2 6BZ
Main Office (postal address):
10 Herne Avenue
Herne Bay
Kent CT6 6EN

We also recently launched two new Drupal websites for Landmark Plc: www.landmarkplc.com and www.lmktec.com

Cliff Edge or Path To The Summit


Scaling Langdale Pikes in The Lake District made me think of the peaks Drupal has to scale in the near future. Luckily @missymelliott and I had expert guidance climbing the peaks in the form of @tomstannard and having watched the recent keynote speeches I feel we also have a good leader in Dries.

There are many pitfalls in both walking in The Lakes and developing the core Drupal system but here are a few I've picked out:

  • Trusting in your leader and their expertise leads to a quicker ascent
  • Working as a team will make the journey more enjoyable and have better results
  • Taking time out to stop and review the situation makes you appreciate how far you've come and how far you have to go
  • Taking short cuts may be tempting but could prove fateful in the long run
  • Reviewing all possible options and taking feedback from your team before attempting something is a must.

Free LiveChat and Drupal

Free LiveChat and Drupal

I've been looking at various LiveChat modules for Drupal sites and after testing a number out I finally found one I liked, Zopim LiveChat.

It's slick, quick and provides all the basic requirements plus a few neat additional things such as user stats, history, visitor lists, customisable sounds. If you wanted you could have unlimited chats for $11.20 a month or the full version for only $20 a month!

Our Most Popular Drupal Posts

Looking back over my blog it's made me realise how much Drupal has pushed the company forward and how at the same time we've been able to help the community along the way. I thought I'd put this post together as a bit of a retrospective and a starting point for how the blog is going to change in the coming months.

We're riding the crest of the wave that is Drupal's burgeoning popularity amongst the masses, not just the few and in sharing our most popular recent Drupal related posts it will help those recent adopters at the same time.

So here's our most popular recent Drupal posts and do look out for a further post on how the blog will shape up in future, more posts for beginners coming soon.

The Ultimate Resource For Drupal Beginners

After responding to a question on Linked In I'm a Drupal newbie, do you know of a free online course that can help me understand better how to use and manage Drupal? I thought I'd take the answers and then develop them further into this guide.

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