If anyone here is in advertising or marketing... kill yourself!

Bill Hicks Marketing

Not my words but the words of the comedian Bill Melvin Hicks, who am I to argue with the great man?! I was lucky enough to go to the world premiere of American, The Bill Hicks Story at the London Film Festival (last year) and with it now on national release it got me thinking about how you should advertise your business in todays market.

Once you've finished reading this post do check out the video which clarifies what Bill Hicks joked about! One thing that is obvious is that in years gone by advertisers would sell their soul to get you to purchase a product, nowadays they've wised up to the fact a big budget doesn't guarantee a good return.

So how should you market your business whilst avoiding the pitfalls of those advertisers Mr Hicks despised?

Here are 5 ways to advertise your business in 2010, the ethical way.

Tweetdeck iPad Review


Having used a number of Twitter apps on my desktop and iPhone I was looking to take my Twitter interaction to the next level on the iPad.

Having heard that Tweetdeck was quick to the market I jumped on board, downloaded it and gave it a whirl.

On first impressions the app looks great, in portrait mode you have two columns of info, primarily your followers tweets and mentions. In the top third of the screen you have a blank area which, when you click on a tweet, is used to display said tweet or, if you click a link inside the tweet the panel flips to show the website.

Selected Tweet

Follow Friday 16 April

Follow Friday on Twitter

This will be my first Follow Friday since Chris Brogan came up with an improved version that can help drive traffic to your own blog.

The new format below means you have more room to detail why you should follow someone rather than just plaster Twitter with a handful of tweeple with no explanation.

So without further a do here are 4 great people to follow this Friday:

@BWelford tweets about business online, seo and blogging on a regular basis with a well respected opinion, a must follow.

@nictinworth is my Far East correspondent for digital and web solutions.

@ruudhein Wordpress, social with a large chunk of SEO for good measure.

iPad Boosts Social Media Activities


Up to this point in time I feel my participation in social media has been quite fruitful. I started my blog back in January 2008 and since then it has steadily grown with thousands visiting on a regular basis. 

I've been active in Digg, Sphinn, Stumbleupon, Design Float, Mixx, the list goes on, for some time and have had a Twitter account for a couple of years. All this time I think I've done my fair share of social media marketing, sharing content, writing blog posts etc but the busier my web design business has become, the less time I've had for other things.

I realize how important blogging and social media is to my business which is why I felt the iPad would be crucial in boosting my activity in both areas. Having previously used my iBook and iPhone primarily to tweet, share content on social sites and read feeds I saw the potential that the iPad offered me.

RSS Feeds

iPad Eats Up RSS With Relish


In my opinion the best way to keep up-to-date with industry news or what's going on in general is either with Twitter or an RSS feed reader. I use NetNewsWire on my iMac, iBook, iPhone and now iPad. It's a great app and one I use every day.

The only problem being is that I follow so many blogs, last count 60, is that it can be a struggle to keep the number of unread posts at a reasonable level. I'm probably not the only person who feels like this but the sight of 900 unread posts makes my heart sink!

I took the job, yes I used to see it as a job, of reading these posts quite seriously, keeping abreast of the latest goings on in the blogosphere, that was until I got the iPad.

To take a quick step back I used to open up NetNewsWire on my iPhone or laptop to read posts, mainly to get away from my main machine to stop my legs from thinking they were no longer needed! 

Quick Tips For A Successful Website

Successful website

Your website is live, people are visiting and interacting, you're probably thinking that's it surely, show me the money! Whether you're running an ecommerce or a regular business site, getting it live takes time, content creation, site designed and built, so when all this is complete it means the hard work is done, right?!

Wrong, I'm afraid to say that anyone can get a website live, via free services, diy or paying a web development company to do the work for you. But I'm afraid this only sets the foundations of your online business, poor foundations can have long lasting effects. However, how you build on top of these will develop your online presence into either an also ran, or a market leader!

I sometimes hear from clients that they are not getting the results they expected from their new website. I then have to reiterate that a website can develop from very little effort or promotion, but if in a competitive niche, more time and energy is required.

Blogging For Business Basics

Blogging for business the basics

Starting a blog can be difficult, especially if you're still unsure exactly what a blog is or how to use it for your business!

I want to first allay any fears that you have to spend hours every day blogging or tweeting on Twitter (micro blogging) in order to make it worthwhile. This isn't the case, a good blog doesn't need to be updated daily but rather when you do blog, make a concerted effort, no one wants to read a hash of a post!

So let's get started and by the end of this post I guarantee you'll be wanting to start blogging for your business straight away!

Blogging for Business Basics

What is a blog?
A blog is an online journal which many use to share personal information but in this instance we're using it for business. You've probably read a blog without even realising it, whether it be a journalist on the BBC News website or clothing retailer, personal opinion or experience has the ability to grab interest.

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