Who we are

We are an exciting design and development team based in London and Winchcombe (Gloucestershire) with an eye for the alternative and a passion for design.

Founded by Richard Dewick, Makak Media has developed into Drupal specialists having worked with the CMS since our inception in 2005. Always trying new mediums to help our clients we are not afraid to work on something completely different, in fact we thrive on proving our worth to clients who trust our judgement and want to succeed with us at the helm.

Having successfully helped many businesses succeed we feel we are in a good position to give any business that extra push they need to grow.

We like to talk to our clients in a language they can understand, leaving technical jargon to one side. You might like to read our web design & Drupal development blog on a variety of topics all explained in plain english.

We provide stunning graphics and documentation at competitive prices and due to our size a professional yet personal customer service.

You might be thinking what, why and who are Makak Media?!

We're a playful lot here at Makak Media and when deciding on a name for the company one animal's traits kept cropping up that encompasses all that we are:

Community – Versatility – Adventure – Communication

Macaque Media monkey

The Makak (we preferred the Haitian spelling!) is a very sociable animal living in large communities and shares 94% of our genetic makeup, are we 6% removed from them or them from us! It's also an animal that adapts well to its' surroundings and is more widespread than any other primate apart from humans, being found on 3 continents around the world over the past 5 million years.

One of many traits we share with the Makak is the ability to adapt to different situations. Whether they be specific clients requirements or new technology, we do our best to fulfill our clients needs. Survival of the fittest was never more true than in the current media climate, we are survivors.

Everyone we meet and work with is welcomed into our community. Come and join us, we won't bite!

We communicate successfully, something your work or literature may fail to do. Call us on 0345 224 7021 to start communicating successfully with your clients.

If you would like to help save Makaks from maltreatment, visit these nice people at International Animal Rescue and donate to help save our friends.